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Some are complete, others are musings.

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Golden Rule
Still Young
Declaration Of Dependance
Reflecting On Mercy
Take Your Place
Lost Sheep
I Know Not the Words
Father’s Day Poem
Night That Became Christmas
Common Courtesy at Work
Gratitude for American Soldiers
Why I Walk In Freedom
Shock Around the World
Remember Me
My Brother’s Intercessor

Also, at some point in the future I will:

~ Have unique, handmade products utilizing my writings. (A few ideas: framed copy of a poem of choice, including a custom written one; greeting card; hand-bound book of your choice of poems)

~ Publish a book (or a few!)

May God bless you,
Sharon Lynn Byrd

To God Be the Glory!!


I’ve been published!

A group of women here in the Southwestern US have been writing inspirational books for a few years now and they recently asked me to contribute! Below are links where you can purchase a copy if you are interested.

Directly from the publisher Westbow Press HERE

If you prefer to use Amazon HERE